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Sublimation or Dye Sublimation is the method of dying polyester fabric to form a full colour, bright, crisp image. We offer a range of Towels that can be Sublimated either edge to edge of the entire fret, meaning you can have an entire beach towel or a gym towel completely covered in any image, logo, or design you can imagine. The only design limitation is your imagination.


What are the benefits of using Sublimation?

  • Our Sublimated range of Towels can be decorated edge to edge giving you the maximum possible size for your logo or design
  • Sublimation dyes the fabric so the decoration becomes part of the product rather than an application
  • A simple, easy price structure with 1 setup regardless of logo colours
  • Vibrant colours with stunning detail
  • Low MOQ of 20 units


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